Organic Vegetable Farm RotationOur farm has 6 different growing areas.  One is presently all perennial beds for multi-year growing of asparagus, strawberries and a new bed of red and golden raspberries.  The other 5 are rotated to avoid having the same crops and pests in the same location usually for 3 years.  Potatoes, sweet corn and winter squashes have their own rotation in the 5 acres to our north.  Several sections of the farm are left fallow as well.   The picking lists for the U-pick are important because where you picked lettuce last year is not where you’ll find it this year.

The photo to the left shows interplanting.  When the cabbage transplants went into the ground, so did the green onion sets.  They get harvested before the cabbages are full size.  It’s a way of using the ground twice and weeding once.