Jun1 17, 2017- Farm update

Greetings from the Gardens,

2017 brings another season of good eating.  In spite of a slow planting start because of too much rain, we have everything in place for a nice long season.  The hoop houses are planted and their tomatoes are trellised and ready to climb to their supports.  Peppers and eggplants are there as well as they too seem to like the “tropics” and protection.

The fields are loaded with lettuces, kales, cabbages, onions Swiss chard, beets, carrots (after replanting), more tomatoes, peppers, Brussel’s sprouts, peas, beans, cukes, and zukes. Melons will go in, after a little drying, now that the rain softened the soil. Strawberries are about done, asparagus is trying to fern and feed their roots, the garlic has scaped.  The scapes are harvested so the energy can go to the bulbs.  The leaves will begin drying down and harvest takes place in about three weeks.

Our small crew is now aided by a new cultivating tractor.  It’s a red Oggun designed for small scale row crop farms.  That’s us.  You’ll see her, either working or resting.  Kate is a college student giving us her time this summer and hopefully into the fall.  Neighbor Luke works for us most mornings and really likes the tractor work.  Bill will be on “disability” after back surgery.  We’ll find him some  sit down chores to help with as he is not good at laying around.  Julie is the backbone of the picking and packing and Knox is our free-ranging mascot.

We may have forgotten to tell some folks about the garage refrigerator options.  We keep eggs from a neighbor at $4.00 a dozen, creamed honey at $7.00 in the 1# tubs, and ground beef 3#/$20.00 or $7.00#. It is from pasture-raised, grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free         Angus-type  beef.  We offer this because not everyone wants a ½ or whole beef, which is available through Ben.  We got a cow parted out with lots of ground.  Let me know if you’d like to try a trial box of about 20 # of mixed cuts for about $200.  This would include some steaks (your choice), roast, stew meat and burger. We can have this available when you U-pick or pick up your share at the farm.

Our bees are working but the honey flow is not in yet.  Early July is our prediction for the traditional honey.

Consider our farm for your good eating.