The “Second Season” CSA

Tomatoes are starting, along with cucumbers, peppers, summer squash, potatoes, and everything else we grow. It’s the season of bounty that we are offering to you as our “second season” puts forth an incredible quantity of goodness. The Mirai sweet corn is sizing up and will be outstanding as always. Consider being part of the incredible summer and fall eating we offer as part of our CSA. Our weekly or biweekly offering includes an overflowing box that will feed a family of two for two weeks. . . lots to “put up” for sampling all winter. We love our winter soups, grabbing bags of beans, corn, tomatoes, and herbs stored away in small quantities. During your pick up, you can also grab your herbs from our herb patch and probably some “extras”. Some crops such as parsnips, Brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes don’t appear in the boxes until near the end of the season.

The “second season” will begin with your first pick up Wednesday, August 5, and will continue through September. We offer pick up after 2:00 on Wednesdays, or Thursday if you’d rather come then. The cost is $200 for the season of bounty and can be paid in 2 checks with one post-dated for September 1.

We love what we do and have planted to include additional customers at this time. Let us know as soon as you can so we can plan for your family as more lettuce, spinach, beets, and greens are going in the ground within the next 2 weeks.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Jill 815-980-0589 Ben 618-967-4729