Update From the Gardens – May 4, 2014

Greetings from the Gardens,

Seeds (peppers, eggplant, basil and tomatoes) have been planted and then again “planted up” under grow lights to ensure lots of good picking for every one. They have now been again planted up for the second time into 4” pots. This buys us time before transplanting into their permanent beds…end of May… early June? Most have 4 secondary leaves and are looking super. Thousands of onions, cabbages, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi are growing in the big hoop house and again we’re trying cauliflower.Hopefully they’ll be planted out into beds this week. Beds of carrots, radishes, lettuces, and beets have been planted in the breaks from the weather. And while Jill was in NYC visiting her cousin, the work crew put in nearly 25,000 onions and leeks. Potatoes are in the ground. New this year are some blue and red-fleshed varieties. 3 new rows of strawberries are in Garden 1 and will replace the grassed in ones in Garden 2 and we’ve been adding more rhubarb plants. We’ll keep in touch about starting dates.

Yea! Kate is back with us for the summer although nursing school will start for her in the fall. Danielle started with us as a “volunteer” one day and we asker her to stay on. We feel like we’re in good shape for the season. It’s a good feeling. We can always use more help with the upcoming planting. If you feel like experiencing the garden in a different way we can always use a few hours of extra help. Older kids can even help poke in onions! Just give us a call in advance. (Payment might include “whatever is available”).

We will have available extra seedling tomatoes and peppers if you’d like a few for your own gardens. (6 for $5.00). The hens are in spring mode and laying like crazy so if you need eggs, let us know. (Still $3.00 and in the fridge in the garage.) We go “into town” a few times a week and could rendezvous for a delivery. Being so fresh, they can last weeks!

Several restaurants have been very good to the business. Ben has been growing micro-greens for plate garnishes all winter. Think about trying these local restaurants for your next eating out experience. “SOCIAL” and “ABREO”, both on the 500 block of East State, feature many local farmers, not just us. They also feature the best coffee, JadaBug, locally roasted above “Social” by Kevin Gander, a long time garden picker. “FIVE FORKS” is located by the Weiss-Morris building. “OCTANE” is near the NAT Theater and the Coronado. They sure take lots of extras, herbs, and tons of heirloom tomatoes.