Update from the Gardens – September 22, 2013

Heirloom Tomatoes
How many things can you do with tomatoes? It’s time to find out. We did a clean pick Saturday because it was supposed to colder than tomatoes like it. This will keep the ripening process continuing. Last year, September 22, today was the first frost and total shut down of all the summer crops. It looks like another good growing week ahead.

OK, a recipe for those of you who have not yet made a fresh salsa. 3 different colored tomatoes plus a couple Roma types, two sweet peppers (use one of the purple ones), lots of onion, cilantro, 1-2 hot peppers (jalapeno or poblanos). Slice and dice all. Add a swirl of olive oil, lime juice and garlic salt to taste. We really like the organic blue corn chips from Woodman’s. They’re actually made in Janesville!

It’s also time for eggplant parmesan, neighbor Donna’s eggplant appetizer or Jennifer Hudson’s Vegetable lasagna. All three are on our website. If you would like more to freeze a batch, now is the time.

The garden is slowing down. We’ll hack through the weeds for more winter squash and aren’t sure what we’ll find. We’ll give the sweet potatoes another week to grow and will cut the vines as frost is predicted.

Grab another kohlrabi. The new ones are sizing up nicely. Carrots are worth the digging effort and the beets are awesome. We’ll give them another week or two to grow before offering freezing quantities.

Cantaloupes are done but watermelons will stay for another couple weeks. Take all you can use.

I can’t believe the raspberry plants are only on their first year. The best berries on on branchlets that hang low. Gently shake to release the over-ripe buggy berries. Yes you will bring some buggies home but they float out when washed.

Enjoy the seasonality.